Winning through Automation

Projects are multi-headed beasts that require taming through project management and a disciplined software lifecycle. Time is of the essence and you scramble to assemble a team of people with relevant experience. Sound familiar?

Getting products to market and managing budgets is a balancing act, and in today's economy we're pressed to work in a cost effective manner. Fully burdened resources and recruiters are expensive. No news here - you already knew this stuff.

We are here for you: We specialize in all phases of software development. We partner with you and deliver solutions that elegantly address your business needs.

No bait and switch: The people you meet perform the work and are accountable to you.

Insourcing USA: We perform all work in the United States or her territories. In short, we do not outsource to foreign countries to protect your intellectual property. We could follow the offshoring trend and make more profit, but we believe in promoting American talent. 

Let's talk: We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and hear what you're up to.

Company Profile

Our team comprises professionals from Fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Hughes Aircraft Company, IBM, ITT Cannon, Carl Karcher Enterprises, and the United States Marine Corps.

We are a recognized Independent Software Vendor and Partner to Microsoft Corporation since 2002.


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