Software Development: It's what we do.

Applications Everywhere

You can't escape it. People talk about them in coffee shops. Everywhere you go it's all about applications that introduce new functionality to your employees and customers. They live on devices of every type. Your cell phone has become a viable means to communicate with your corporate infrastructure and has untapped ability.
Monitor inventory, receive sales orders, ship products, distribute automated reports, and large display dashboards to enable your team to react quickly to changing conditions.
Whatever you envision we can bring to life.

Data Acquisition

Data comes in various formats and critical to all industries: whether you have a warehouse with stacks of boxes with paper or disks full of images and documents all your data can be indexed and made searchable.
Our company specializes in automating the acquisition of data and making it readily available so people in your organization can share, present, collaborate, and be hyper-productive.

Embedded Systems

They comes in all shapes and sizes. They do all sorts of things: digital advertising, photography kiosks, retail appliances, beacons that emit GPS coordinates, or monitors that display targeted information based on its environment. Small stealth devices can acquire information, transmit and hydrate dashboards with compelling real-time data.


Projects are multi-headed beasts that require taming through project management and a disciplined software lifecycle. Time is of the essence and you scramble to assemble a team of people with relevant experience. Sound familiar?

Getting products to market and managing budgets is a balancing act, and in today's economy we're pressed to work in a cost effective manner. Fully burdened resources and recruiters are expensive. No news here - you already knew this stuff.

  • Formed in 2002

    We Are Here For You

    We specialize in all phases of software development. Our focus is to take your vision and create great products that will position your business ahead of the competition. The more we can help you succeed the better it is for all of us - it's that simple.

  • Your Trusted Partners

    Communication is often the failure point and we know how to mitigate this risk through clear and consistent status reporting, weekly presentations, and keeping all stakeholders involved and informed. The success of any effort relies on the teaming spirit and we honor this; moreover, we are with you every step of the way and pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting relationships.

  • Committed To America

    We perform all work in the United States or her territories. In short, we do not outsource to foreign countries to protect your intellectual property and avoid software piracy. We could follow the offshore trend and make more profit, but we believe in promoting American talent and staying true to our core beliefs.

  • Company Profile

    Our team comprises professionals from Fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft, Hughes Aircraft Company, IBM, and various branches of our military.
    We are a recognized Independent Software Vendor and Partner to Microsoft Corporation since 2002.

Our Team

We have a rich history of experiences learned from the companies we've worked for and know what it takes to make a project successful. Our team is handpicked: seasoned and committed to delivering solutions that wrap around your business.

Moishe Abramowitz, Ph.D Principal Engineer and Fellow
Josef Abramowitz, MSCS Senior Engineer
Phil Lipski, Ph.D Principal Engineer
Rick McNeely, USMC Ret. Surveillance and Security
Bill Park, BA Business Analysis/Systems Deployment
Paul Smietan, BSCS Software Development and Architecture
Gary Vierregger, CPA Tax and Financial Counsel
Alan Wolen, J.D. Legal Counsel
Eric Worden, BA Quality Assurance Engineer

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